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Musician aims for peace, healing

August 15, 2003

One of Southfield's newest residents hopes her musical performances will enrapture American audiences the same way they did in Europe. Marina Arsenijevic is a classically trained pianist and composer who has...

About Marina in Carnegie Hall

March 20, 2003

“Dashing Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia…led the standing ovation at Carnegie Hall for crossover pianist Marina Arsenijevic...Her energy, passion, and astonishing range moved flawlessly from the Baroque through the contemporary, transforming...

The New York Sun

January 13, 2003

“Pianist Richard Nanes, whose original compositions were heard on President Clinton’s Air Force One and who records with the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic, was delightfully impressed with...

Universal Soul

June 9, 2002

Internationally known pianist brings her music to America "She is absolutely mesmerizing" said Carol Masroianni, managing director of Stagecrafters in Royal Oak.." She is one of those musicians who is channeling the...

World class performance

December 22, 2001

The Fourth of July celebrations started on Friday, June 30, in the National Library (Michigan) with the world class performance by a concert pianist, Marina Arsenijevic. Her electrifying performance kept...

The native melody

Happy is the artist who does not forget the native melody in his journey. Marina is the child of such privilege. Nenad Grujicic, Poet